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Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Have A Question

Do people even read blogs anymore?

I mean, sure, chances are if you google a recipe or "how-to" something, you are going to end up on a "blog". But I'm not talking about those industrially contrived, advertorial concoctions with the robotically perfect looking female that serves as the face of the mommy-blogess even though we all know there is a whole entire team of would-be writers assigned to keep that shit viral and trending. No. Those aren't blogs. Those are websites. And no, I'm not bitter about them. I'm just not fooled. Also, suck it Pioneer chick.

I'm talking about this. An old school blog platform using a pre-made layout & theme. Do people read real people blogs anymore? I know I stopped, for the most part anyways, so I can't really complain if everyone else has wandered off too.



Well, in any case, my slate here has been cleaned. Years of old posts have been reverted to drafts. I don't want to erase my history, just tuck it away. Kind of like finishing a book that you don't want to pass on to anyone else. You find a shelf & you tuck it in & you tilt your head & you smile, knowing what's inside that book is also inside you so you don't have to leave it laying open anymore.

Probably I won't see much visitation around here and that's cool. I've no intent to get fancy. I just need my space back so I can free up parts of my brain. Sometimes I get these wildy morbid idea's about things and people and situations and I don't know what to do with them so they twist around inside me. The other day I realized it's because I don't write anything down anymore and I promised myself I would.

My only rule for myself will be to remember that not everything is prolific or metaphorical, nor does it have to be written beautifully.

I have to go now because someone is making unnecessary noise in the kitchen. I can't with unnecessary noise.